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Phone: 716-731-1606

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Features Include:


¨ Use with Phoenix DX (Open Loop) or Phoenix EX (Closed Loop) AC Vector Drives.

¨ View and modify drive parameters from a simple to use computer interface.

¨ Select via Serial Communication (RS-232/422/485) or Ethernet Communication.

¨ Supports both On-Line and Off-Line editing of all drive parameters.

¨ Select up to 25 specific drive parameters for Logging, Graphing, Display, and On-Line Editing.

¨ Retrieve all drive parameters from a new or existing US Drives product.

¨ Save all retrieved drive parameters to your computer’s hard disc or other media.

¨ Load drive parameter files stored on your computer to a new or existing US Drives product.

¨ Data Logging feature periodically scans and stores up to 25 different drive parameters.

- Scan period is adjustable (Hr, Min, Sec) for high speed or long term applications.

- Data files are easily imported to Microsoft Excel for future Printing, Graphing and Analyzing.

¨ Graphing feature allows you to create real time plots of up to 25 different drive parameters.

¨ Easily configure drives of different horsepower ratings with the same operating sequence.

¨ Compare a drive’s parameter set against that drive’s default parameter set.

¨ Compare a drive’s parameter set to a previously saved set of drive parameters.

¨ Print out a list of all drive parameters and save a paper copy for your records.

¨ Print out a list of parameter differences between two drives or two saved file sets.

¨ Easily scale and format the drive’s Keypad to display parameters in real world units (GPM, PSI, etc.).

¨ Easily modify the drive’s Keypad to show parameters of specific interest in your application.

Edit and Save Drive Parameters

Log and Graph Drive Parameters

Scan and Log Drive Parameters


Communications Interface Cable

(P/N: 3000-4225-USB)




US Drives, Inc.



Drivemaster is a Windows based program designed to make drive set-up, record keeping, and troubleshooting easy.  Drive parameters can be extracted from a drive, reviewed, modified, printed, stored on disk, reloaded back into the same drive, or copied to another drive.  Data Logging and Graphing of drive parameters is also possible.  Offline and Online Editing is supported. 


Drivemaster supports both Modbus Serial Communications and Ethernet / Modbus Communications.


Communications Interface with Cable

Serial Communications Card

With Drivemaster you can also...

Compare Files and Print Drive Set-up Information

Customize the Drive Keypad Display

The Phoenix DX and Phoenix EX AC Drives include an optional RS-485 Communications Port suitable for Drive Configuration.  The Removable RS-485 Isolated Communications Interface Cable allows the Phoenix DX or Phoenix EX AC Drive to communicate directly with a laptop or other PC.  This option is very useful when field programming drives using Drivemaster.  The Interface Cable is 8 feet long with a standard USB  connector on one end that connects USB/RS-485 to the PC and a special connector that plugs directly into the RS-485 Communications Port on the Phoenix AC Drive.

Upload Drive Parameters to PC Screen

Download Parameters from PC to Drive Screen