The Phoenix Regenerative AC Drive is the perfect choice for those applications that require both motoring torque and braking torque (regeneration).  Typical applications that require regeneration include:

* High Inertia Loads that must be stopped or slowed down quickly - Saws, Fans, Flywheels and Centrifuges.

* Unwind Strands of all types - Uncoilers, Payoffs.

* Overhauling Loads - Hoists, Cranes, Downhill Conveyors and Holdback Rolls in Process Line Applications.

* Machine applications with fast cycle times that require rapid deceleration.


Standard Features:


* Open or Closed Loop Vector Control

* Easy to Use, Simple Setup

* Precise Control of Motor Speed and Torque

* Backlit English Language Display

* 50°C Ambient Temperature Rating

* Short Circuit and Ground Fault Protection

* Built  in Line Voltage Surge Protection

* Tolerates High Input AC Line Voltages

* Motor Overload Protection, Meets NEC 430

* Built in RFI Noise Filter

* Power Dip Ride Through

* Auto Restart

* High Performance PID Control

* 8 Preset Speeds with Accel / Decel Control

* S Curve Accel / Decel Control

* Multi Function I/O

* Programmable Threshold Detectors

* Kw / Kwh Metering

* Bi-Directional Flycatcher (Catch Spinning Motor)

* Custom V/Hz Programming

* Autologging Fault History

* Fixed or Variable Carrier Frequency

* Much, Much, More...


As always, the Phoenix Regenerative AC Drive comes with a THREE YEAR WARRANTY.

PHOENIX Regenerative AC Drive 25 HP to 1000 HP

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